It’s Over… It’s Finished

28058992_1961990024120540_3003836351374686197_nIt’s alright…it’s over…it’s finished…just a memory and it can’t stop you from your destiny!

I can’t help but notice certain things, certain similarities in people’s lives. I have been blessed to have many conversation with people who have experienced some very disheartening situations BUT they have used them as springboards to get to greater things. I recently went to an event and ran into an old coworker who told me she reads my posts. I smiled and said I hope they bless you. She said more than you know. I smiled again and said thank you. She then shyly lowered her head and asked me if I were ok? I smiled and said yes I am. Knowing why she posed the question I grabbed her hand and said it’s alright, it’s over , it’s in the past and just a memory. She then began to tell me a few things that she felt I needed to know.

She held my hand and asked me to sit down. She began to tell me a story that broke my heart while filling my spirit at the same time. She weaved a tale of a woman who went through storm after storm but never told anyone. She shared stories about trials to triumphs that made me cry and smile in the same moments. As I sat there holding her hand she was smiling and shed a few tears herself. I was honored that during this time in her life she chose me to share her story with me. In that moment, during that time I knew that I couldn’t stop writing. I knew that whatever it is…it is well with my soul. I sat with a woman who was my senior and my sister. She would never know until she reads this post how she became an intricate piece of my story.

You see what she didn’t know is that for the last month or so I have been running into random people who have been sharing with me how my posts encourage them. How my transparency has helped them along the way. When they tell me that they cry and laugh with me it touches me beyond words. What they don’t know is that I was very close to quitting. In fact I was very close to shutting down the page all together. Being SimplyTanny I am a woman of highs and lows who is constantly seeking balance. Last month I made a very profound declaration to myself. In doing so, I thought that if I was going to do “this” I would have to let go of all of the old. I felt like the story had been told and the rest is just life. I felt that a new chapter had to be written and it would require me to start in a new journal and not continue in the old one. I was one post away from saying goodbye to social media as a social outlet because it had become too messy. I had deleted, blocked, unfollowed so many people still to have my life shared through screen shots and personal agendas. I felt like it’s time to simplify which meant to shut it down. How do you do that if you continue to share pictures and post Tanny? Well for me it was an all or nothing and I had selected nothing.

Then God sent confirmation after confirmation that I was on the right track. He kept telling me this was not the time to quit but to press. He let me know that there was more to tell but Tanny had to be strong enough to endure some stuff in order to encourage others. So here I am being slightly transparent again while hoping my steadfastness will help someone else stay the course. While everyone’s tests are uniquely designed to teach you specifically something they are all beautiful orchestrations of how we jointly overcome. So today I am strongly encouraging someone out there not to give up! Be diligently empowered along your path to find the new you while letting the old you die. Learn from what life is teaching you but don’t lose your essence along the way.

Side but relevant note:
I have to share that there are certain types of people I really chose not to deal with BUT God has said in order for me to grow I have to allow certain things to go on around me but deny them access to me. So I am not gonna stop writing and I hope those of you who need to read these posts are searching for that outlet that builds you up and edifies others at the same time. Please use my words as motivation and not ammunition unless you are fighting negativity.

You see happiness can be found in the darkest of times but only remembrance can turn on the light.

Be encouraged,


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