Simply Tanny

Hey you… I see you and I am proud of you! You are healing without hurting! You are strong and not silent! You are caring and confident! You are better and not bitter! You are loving and learning more about yourself everyday!

You are in control while still being careful to take others feelings in consideration. You are forgiving while learning how to forget. You are willing to compromise but not at the expense of your crown! You have grown through your grief with limited distractions. You are resilient without a need to be rescued by anyone. You are complete and clear headed. You are emotional but emerging with strength! You are helpful without being haughty! You are Fabulous without being fearful of what others may say. You are assertive without being aggressive. You are candid without being controlled or controlling. You are secure while still being sure to check yourself. You are lovable while acknowledging you are not lacking anything. You are free because you chose to be fearless! You are true because no one can teach you more about you than you! You are productive without being prideful. You are outstandingly daring without being outlandish! Hey you…I am proud of you! You Rock and I love me some you!
Signed me!